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Support our dyslexia community

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Support our dyslexia community

Dyslexia Doesn't Discriminate

Dyslexia impacts children and adults and can affect as many as 1 in 5. Dyslexia Reading Connection, Inc. (DRC) serves the community in a variety of ways; however, our most impactful is our tutoring services. Reading struggles are difficult in school, but if not given the right intervention at an early age, reading struggles have a negative impact on your adult life too.

The lifelong struggle of an adult with dyslexia not only impacts your confidence, but your career aspirations as well. Please support our dyslexic community so you can help prevent a story like Howard's.

My name is Howard and I am a 48 year old student at DRC. Before I started, I couldn’t read at all. I couldn’t spell the word cat. I couldn’t hold a job because I couldn’t read a label or fill out forms. I avoided people because I was embarrassed and didn’t want them to find out that I couldn’t read.

I received tutoring at DRC for several years and it changed my life. I don’t have to depend on people like I used to. I can go grocery shopping by myself and read my own mail. Two years ago, for the first time in my life, I voted in an election.

I’m very proud of myself and what I can do. I still have a long way to go but I know that I can do it. I feel good and I can hold my head high.

One of Howard's lifelong goals was to be able to read and the tutoring services at Dyslexia Reading Connection helped him achieve this goal. Unfortunately, we can no longer learn about the joy Howard continued to experience with reading before ALS claimed his life.

Howard's story is so inspirational. Please don't let this happen to someone else. The basic skill of reading has a deep rooted impact on a child in school and the life of an adult.